Posted by: gaybatumi | July 14, 2010

Why is Rest in Batumi Less Expensive than in Armenia?

Explained by Andreasyan

Armenians who prefer spending their summer holidays in the country usually pay more than those who chose resting abroad, namely in Antalya, Turkey, and in, Batumi, Georgia.

Asked why services in resort areas in Armenia are that much expensive Director of First Travel agency Karen Andreasyan said at a press conference today that those interested had better turn to the companies that are monopolies in this market.

“It is the tour operators that compile packages and give them to tour agents so that they sell them. There are a few companies in the market that are tour operators. They give us a package of which we can have 10% [share] and that is all. It is up to the touristic agency to decide how much it will discount from that 10%,” said Andreasyan.

In his words the prices are high not only in Armenia. For example, it will cost more to go and have rest from Armenia to Antalya, rather than from Georgia to Antalya.

Further he explained that it is through national carriers’ guilt that all outgoing flights from Armenia to all directions are expensive.

He pointed to monopolistic situation as a second reason.

According to Andreasyan there are monopolies in all spheres in Armenia, including tourism, which must be eliminated.

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