Posted by: gaybatumi | July 25, 2010

Gay Batumi featured on Greek Gay Blog: ΤΟ ΑΠΕΝΑΝΤΙ ΠΕΖΟΔΡΟΜΙΟ

ΓΚΕΪ ΤΥΦΛΙΔΑ – or – Gay Tbilisi, is the name of the article that you can find on the Greek blog.

The writer is promoting Georgian Bath houses and describes the amazing feelings that you will experience there. Be advised though – Georgian sulfur baths are also favorite place for local straight men. They might turn their blind eye on the ongoing gay scene inside the public baths, but you have to be careful not to hit on them.

Most of the men who visit “Chreli Abano” are gays and they are very open and may touch you or ask you to go somewhere else. Usually to go to private cabins. That is very safe and you can agree without worries if you like the other party. Georgian gay men in the baths are very friendly and you can have a very good time even without leaving the public section.

” I’m stark naked and lying face down while a man in shorts attacks me in a manner that, under normal circumstances, I would regard as outright physical assault. But, just before I scream in pain, the masseur stops to dump a huge bucket of hot water over me on my marble slap. It’s my first evening in Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, and I’m finding out how the local guys like to relax – in the beautiful tiled surroundings of one of the city’s ancient bath houses, wreathed in the smell of sulphur from one of the hot springs beneath the city.” (You can read the full article here)

Coloured Bathhouse
Street: Square in front of the Sulphur Springs
Location: Tbilisi
Description of Location: In Abanotubani (Bath district)
Opening hours: 10-20h
Commentary: Number of traditional bathhouses with natural sulphur spa. Traditional massage and scrub with traditional gloves (Kisa). Public section is very cruisy especially by evenings. People basically pick up each other and leave together. For more discreet acts one can rent a cubicle. Coloured baths were favourite of A. Pushkin and A. Dumas

Complete guide to gay Tbilisi (Georgia) here:

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