Posted by: gaybatumi | July 29, 2010

Gay U.S. man fights deportation to Iran

by UPI

WASHINGTON, July 27 (UPI) — An Iranian national who has lived in the United States since he was a child has asked for political asylum because he is gay.

Mohammad Abdollahi, 24, says his personal safety would be jeopardized if he is deported to his native Iran after living in the United States for some 20 years.

“It’s not something I can imagine,” Abdollahi told ABC News. “It would be a very scary thing because I haven’t hidden my sexuality in talking with friends or the media.”

Abdollahi came to the United States as a boy with his parents, who were students at the University of Michigan. He was tagged for deportation after a protest in May.

Abdollahi told ABC he became aware of his sexual orientation as a teenager, about the same time he found out about his illegal immigration status.

Although Abdollahi was a minor when he came to the United States and would face a dubious future in Iran, ABC said Tuesday he faces long odds in winning asylum. “He’s looking at having to prove greater than 50 percent chance of persecution, a clear probability of persecution,” said immigration attorney Kimberley Schaefer.

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