Posted by: gaybatumi | August 20, 2010

Paranoia in Georgian Media

“Foreign homosexuals are reconnoitering Batumi hotels in advance!” – Freaks out Objective’s editor in the article published Aug. 18 2010

“Lali Aptsiauri the lawyer said that the representatives of sexual minorities in Batumi are studying the situation in local Hotels. They particularly want to know what kind of attitude does the personnel of Hotels have towards homosexuals”

The “lawyer” was very surprised to learn that LGBT people want to know if they are respected in the places where they stay. It’s LGBT money they spend and homophobic accommodations will not get a cent from LGBT community. Why would anyone stay at the hotels where they will be disrespected. For these reasons “Gaybatumi” concluded a survey where local hotels where asked how gay friendly they are. Many of the hotels failed to qualify. The friendliest of them all tuned out to be the “Sheraton hotel” where Gay People from all over the world will be glad to stay in comfort and spend money!

“Several managers of Batumi Hotels told me that these days they received several e-mails, asking if their hotels are gay friendly and if they have homophobic staff, you will have no place in non-traditional sexual orientation discrimination against representatives of the hotels ” – said attorney Lali Aptsiauri – “I know that there is a gay pride planned in Batumi for 22-26 August this year”

How hard is it in Georgia to get the qualified respondents and ask them a professional view. Both, the lawyer Lali Aptsiauri and the editor of this shameful article lack the great deal of professionalism.

There is no Pride planned for this year to march down in Batumi. This freak show and the mass paranoia caused by unprofessional staff of Georgian mass media is too shameful to be discussed.


  1. Responsible or In charge?

    Please specify correctly …

  2. Who made it???? Who is responsible for this site??? etoze pozor natsii,??? ras shvebit???ratom shvebit???

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