Posted by: gaybatumi | August 26, 2010

Long anticipated gay pride turned into something else

First things first – there was no gay pride planned in the first place, but Georgian media kept moaning and doling about the possible parade in Batumi. Of course this couldn’t have been ignored by MMK – the association that stands for the chastity of every true Christian and their children, playing on the sensitivity of innocent believers and curacy.

Gay or not so much, Today there still was a pride in Batumi – only it had an extremely religious character. A crowd of religious extremists gathered in front of the “Sheraton” Batumi hotel (the image of the western liberty, a scapegoat for all the evil gays guys who didn’t show up) to let the steam out. There were people scared by the big blue Bigfoot and they kept citing “Oh Father” and praying for the gay pride to never happen in Batumi.

Places around the “Sheraton Batumi” were filled with masses blinded by “sightless leaders” and driven by the hysteria; and the were tears of joy -the relief! Sighs of hope that they’ve proudly demonstrated their power and unity and showed us that there is no place for gay men within the cave communities. The sense of democracy, freedom and liberty is still so below the horizon of the black sea.

What would have happened if there was truly something planned?


  1. Hej. We are a danish couple travelling in Armenia and Georgia, we where in Batumi yesterday, vacation and walking around, when we saw the crowd. They looked angry, and did not know what they where demonstrating about. We saw later the news, and where shocked.

    They where country side people and angry, from the darkside. We know them from every place on the earth. We come from a liberal country, but we still have some fights to win. I wish you the best for your fight, in this beautifull country and city, Batumi. Take care. (Written on mobile). Regards Jesper 35 and Johnny 35

  2. I love how they look at the big toll building of Sheraton batumi with scary eyes as if it’s monster :))

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