Posted by: gaybatumi | September 14, 2010

Serbian police promise to protect gay groups from extremist threats ahead of Oct. pride march

Serbian police promised Friday to protect embattled gay groups who are facing threats of violence from extremists before a planned Oct. 10 pride march.

The event will be Serbia’s first since right-wing organizations broke up the 2001 event and forced the cancellation of last year’s gathering over security concerns. The parade is seen as a test for pro-Western officials, who are seeking EU membership for the Balkan country.

Organizers said extremists have posted calls for violence on Facebook and YouTube and have demanded that police detain those responsible for the threats. They said authorities have done little to punish those who made threats last year.

Police chief Ivica Dacic said Friday authorities will not tolerate violence. He said police are already looking into the threats and will “sanction” those responsible.

The 2009 pride was cancelled after police said they could not guarantee security from right-wing groups who pledged to attack the gathering. In 2001, ultranationalists attacked dozens of gay activists, badly beating some of them while several policemen stood by and did nothing to protect them.

Report by Winnipeg Freepress


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