Posted by: gaybatumi | November 25, 2010

Adjara Invites Investors

The Autonomous Republic of Adjara is the most important Black Sea region of Georgia. It is distinguished for its advantageous geo-political location and rapidly developing economy. Economic reforms have been successfully implemented in the country. The infrastructure has been dynamically developed. Transparent and equal conditions for business have resulted in opening new enterprises and companies and creating hundreds of new jobs. We offer advantageous and convenient terms for development of business in tourism, industry, agriculture and other branches of economy. Privatization process is developing intensively. The private sector is enlarging substantially. About forty hotels are built along the seashore, including such leading brands as ”Sheraton”, “Hilton” and “Radisson”. We expect rapid growth of investments since the total investment potential of the region is estimated at several billion US dollars.

The unique geographic location of the region offers easy access to both local and international markets. Warm climate, rich natural resources, highly skilled labour, and developed transport infrastructure create a strong basis for your successful business here. We express our readiness to initiate real business relationships. We believe that information offered to you in present booklet covering vast potential and possibilities of our region will impress you. We will do our best to make your investment successful!

Click here to learn about the great business opportunities for you!

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