Posted by: gaybatumi | November 25, 2010

Botanical Garden – Green Cape

The world famous Batumi Botanical Garden is situated on Mtsvane Kontskhi (The Green Cape) near Batumi. It was established in 1912. The area comprises 112, 5 ha. The Garden is cultivated on 0-220 m above sea level and comprises all the elements of the landscape characteristic to the relief of the Georgian Black Sea littoral.

Batumi Botanical Garden is a scientific-research and educational-entertaining institution. Fundamental theoretical and experimental researches are being conducted in the Garden in the directions of plant introduction and acclimatization, selection, protection of local flora and nature. The Garden has its periodical publication “Batumi Botanical Garden Bulletin”. The Seeds Catalog – “Index Seminum” – is published annually and delivered to a great number of Botanical Gardens throughout the world.

If you are visiting Batumi this is a must see place. Don’t miss the opportunity to go to the green cape and enjoy heaven on earth!

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