Posted by: gaybatumi | January 27, 2011

Juvenile suspect of murder detained

Juvenile suspected of the murder that took place Thursday in Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi has been detained. Georgian Interior Ministry has released video footage demonstrating the teen`s testimony.

Officers of Tbilisi Police Main Division of the Interior Ministry detained the juvenile for murdering citizen of France Stephan Cohen, which took place in one of the rooms of Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

The detainee inflicted multiple injuries with a knife to the victim on the basis of conflict and stole three mobile phones, photo camera and portable computer from the room, after what the suspect managed to flee from the crime scene.

As a result of immediate operative-searching activities, the suspect was detained in vicinities of his home.

The detainee has already pleaded guilty. The weapon of murder and stolen items have been seized by the police.

Investigation is underway. If considered guilty, the suspect may face life imprisonment, although the court will likely considered the fact that the detainee is a minor suspect.


  1. His father actually approved his deed and said that he would act the same way. I was shocked to hear that.

    If you see that someone has a camera, laptop and few mobile phones does it automatically mean that you have to slay him? Is it a video game or something?

  2. How very sad that three mobile phones, a camera and a computer were more valuable than someone’s extraordinary life. He will live to regret it, but he should not be the only one going to prison, also his parents who educated this killer . RIP Stephan.

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