Posted by: gaybatumi | January 27, 2011

Tbilisi: French Stephen Cohen murdered in his room at Marriott Courtyard hotel

According to the latest news the murdered french guy in Hotel Courtyard Marriott Tbilisi was gay. Incident happened late night at 3 am. ExpressNews of Georgia reports based on reliable anonymous source: “Stephan was actively using social networks, including gay dating services and he’s been asking Georgian guys for a date.

Respondent says: “When I saw his photo on TV I was shocked. I knew the guy. We even had video calls and he’s been asking me out for a date. At first i thought he just wanted to be friends, but I’ve figured out later that he had other (sexual) interests!”

The anonymous source also added that he hopes this information will help the investigation in some way and that Cohen’s sexual orientation could have something to do with his murder. According to one of the versions Cohen met someone through gay dating networks like gayromeo, where he supposed to have an active account (unconfirmed).

Stephan Cohen came to Georgia few days ago. He was working for the  French company “systra” together with the Mayor of transport routes.

Hotel “Courtyard Marriott”commented: “We confirm that in one of the rooms there was a really unfortunate incident between the two guests. We protect all rooms from foreign guests, but Stephan has personally invited the other party to his room.   According to hotel policy foreign persons (the visitors) need permit to access the rooms. That would not be possible without the good will of our guest “, – said the head of security service Zaza Kvaratskhelia.

By now the investigation is on it’s final stage and we have the news that the murderer is already detained. Further information about the criminal’s personality is unavailable. We were told that he is underage.


  1. Dear Camille

    I don’t mean do upset you or offend you. I have personally talked to Stephen few times on gay dating site. And he was up to meeting local boys.

    I have never met him in person, and I am glad I have not, because he seemed like a really nice guy and his death would hurt me even stronger.

  2. My cousin was not gay. these are all not I am not against gay people because my brother is but my cousin was not these are all lies. The person who killed my cousin was killed with more people than just one. I also know that because he had girlfriends before. DON’T LISTEN TO THIS MEDIA.THEY ARE All LIEING. My cousin was a great man and didnt deserve to die. Don’t listen to these bastards they’re all roomers. I’ve seen his description from the autopsys and it was horrible and the media knows nothing. RIP Stephane<3 I love you

  3. Stefani dge dgeze unda gamecno da urtiertobasac avawyobdi dzaan mewyina ro mokles

  4. Iasnia tvitonac maseti iyo, tore 3 saatze sastumroshi yavis dasalevad ar cavidoda.. arada rakai tipi iyo….. Shemecoda 😦

  5. Es kartveli bichirs Albat gay iko aba ise ra undofa kerdzo mitsvevit sastumroshi gamis 3 saatze..magram etkoba mkvleloba konda chafikrebuli aba amxela Danit ras mivida.. Exla magas tsixeshi kargad astavlian

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