Posted by: gaybatumi | March 29, 2011

Man arrested in Batumi for Masturbating at Home

We all love to masturbate without even considering how guilty this pleasure can be!

Batumi City Court had a very strange process going on. Citizen of the touristic destination, widely promoted by Georgian Government, Mr. G.T. was sentenced by the judge with maximum charges of two years imprisonment for his lewd and obscene behavior, nowhere else but in the privacy of his home.

As we have learned Mr. G.T. was Masturbating in his own house. By the time he was about to cum he was disturbed by the underage female neighbor who happened to have forgotten all manners of decent behavior and forgot to knock on the door. The girl was shocked and her amused expression of the face seem to contributed to the power of the massive orgasmic pressure and the victim came all over the poor girl’s face. The family of the girls outraged by the sticky incident have sued the naughty man. According to the girl, it was sticky, but salty!

Batumi District Prosecutor’s Office characterized this criminal case as Criminal Code, Article 141 and qualified as “depraved act”. Batumi City Court against the suspect found MR. G.T guilty with highest penalty of two years imprisonment.

Ramin Papidze, the lawyer, says that case it is a rather strange case: ” as far as I know, Mr. G. T – committed this crime his house when he was alone. He did not know if anyone would come. The girl caught him in the act when he had an erection”.

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