Posted by: gaybatumi | August 2, 2011

ID card issuance started in Georgia

We have some fantastic news! Issuance of new generation ID cards started in Georgia from the 1st of August 2011. These are the most hi-tech, modern standard cards and the the great gift from Georgia’s civil registry. Such cards are just being implemented in most developed countries and Georgia has pioneered in being of of the first countries to introduce smart ID cards.

We encourage everyone to switch to electronic ID cards, because it has many benefits and it’s very comfortable to use.

The first five owners of ID card, who applied for the document earlier than others, were given electronic ID card by the President of Georgia Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili.

On the first stage, applications for the ID cards are received in Batumi, Tbilisi and Rustavi, and from September issuance of ID cards will start all over the Georgia. By this time more than thousand applications are received and among them more than 300 citizens used the expedited service.

Concerning the ID card presentation grand concert of Nino Qatamadze was held near the Batumi House of Justice. The well-known hits and tracks from new album were presented on the concert. Presentation of movie “Future Georgia” was also organized, which was presenting functions of ID cards and perspectives of its future use. Representatives of Accredited Diplomatic Corps, International Organizations and members of Government as well as foreign guests being in Batumi attended the presentation. Event finished with the grand fireworks.

It should be noted, that ID card is high technology, safe from falsification Identification document.  With this document it is possible to identify person from distance, via internet. Besides this, ID card gives the opportunity to sign documents with electronic signature and according existing legislation, such documents have legal force.

Introduction of ID cards will significantly contribute or rising quality of service delivering process and increase customer satisfaction to services of State and Public institutions. Also it will support the efficiency of doing business, introduction of innovations and new technologies in Georgia.

Territorial restriction with the new generation ID card will be removed. Interested person will be able to verify address on the web-page of the House of Justice: using already functioning special field, were the person must indicate ID card’s serial number after what the address of citizen will be shown on the screen.

Besides this, after receiving ID card, citizen will be able to change place of registration using distance service, in online regime. It is not mandatory to receive new electronic ID card, old Identification Cards are staying in force, but in case of applying for new document citizen will receive ID card.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Giorgi Vashadze said the new electronic ID card will be a plastic card with the certificate of electronic signature in it. The new electronic ID cards will simplify relation of state and private sectors with Georgian citizens.


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