Posted by: gaybatumi | March 19, 2013

Interesting concept from young Georgian model

With today’s wide spread nudity on the internet it’s not that often you see photos with interesting story line.  Current photo series by the young Georgian model may be called an ambush against paparazzi and mass media.

An intimate,  yet rebellious story based on the laws of “Supply and Demand” criticizes society’s addiction with nudity, pornography and celebrity hunt. “I did not get naked, because I wanted it?! I did it because you wanted to see me nude. “ – is a battle against trends like reality TV and the way it promotes social exhibitionism.  In the end it’s  that very society that pushes itself to the doom by breeding the demand, because where there’s a demand – there’s a supply.

Georgian nude model

Stay tuned as we are preparing to publish these very bold photos shortly. 

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