Posted by: gaybatumi | May 4, 2013

Georgian orthodox movement member and active homophobe was caught red handed and butt-naked

Giorgi ParesashviliGeorgian orthodox parents movement (MMK) member and active homophobe, Giorgi Paresashvili was caught red-handed and butt-naked few days ago. Anonymous person(s) uploaded hidden video captures on internet website, exposing Mr. Paresashvili in more than compromising situation, in bisexual threesome bottoming with another guy, while performing cunnilingus on a third member of the act.

Giorgi Paresashvili calls video-material ‘fabricated’ and denies its authenticity. He held a special press conference over the issue.

Paresashvili has a bad reputation of being active homophobe. He made strong statements several times against LGBT people while on duty as tv presenter at “Imedi TV” channel.


* On the photo Bidzina Ivanishvili and Giorgi Paresashvili

გიორგი ფარესაშვილი - სკანდალური ვიდეო (link)





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