Posted by: gaybatumi | July 10, 2013

Outing Homophobes: Nino Burjanadze


Nino Burjanadze – Homosexuality is not acceptable for anyone


Disguised as a democratic politician,  a president candidate for up-coming Georgian elections, Nino Burjanadze has made some very old fashioned statements about gays in Adjara region.  Not only they (LGBT people of Adjaria) should not be proud of being who they are and shouldn’t  have their own gay community website, it also  should be considered a criminal offense to promote Batumi as destination for gay tourists.

” It should be a criminal offense to advertise  Batumi as a best  place  for gay tourists”  – For one thing she’s perfectly correct. Batumi can’t be advertised as a premiere gay destination for one simple reason. There’s nothing too gay going on at the moment in Batumi. There are no steamy gay bars or clubs. Tourists looking exclusively for gay destination would probably die of  boredom in this beautiful region that has a lot more to offer, but Nino, we are here to change it. With  the “gaybatumi” project we’ve highlighted the presence of LGBT culture in the region, and strive to contribute to it’s development in the future. It is a real shame though, a woman with western values and education would make such shameful statement. Frequent visits to Russia must have had stronger influence.

“Everyone’s rights must be protected, but no one should dictate us to embrace something that is unacceptable, not only for Georgia but also – for everyone,” – said the presidential candidate regarding sexual minorities on a press conference today (10 July 2013). She also criticized the former Government (Saakashvili) for promoting gay tourism in the region. Ironically the conference was held in the same office that claims to be a “Democratic Movement” of Georgia – Well, they should really read more about  “democracy” . Well here is a link for them.

“I saw several websites that would not be approved neither by “Georgian Dream”, nor “Democratic Movement” parties in Georgia.  I mean the websites, where promotion was made by the previous government about Adjara and Batumi, as the best gay destination. This is a crime against their own country and their own people. We will not tolerate it under any circumstances. We do not break  anyone’s head, or break anyone’s rights. Everyone has a right to do whatever he wants in the privacy of his home, but our children should not be taught the alien values that are not acceptable for us” –  She’s finally made a clear and perfect statement of where she’s headed. North ?  Were “Мы верим в демократию”. But sometimes faith is not enough.


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