Posted by: gaybatumi | September 28, 2013

Georgian government may limit the freedom of movement to its nationals

Existing law may be altered limiting the rights for the freedom of movement for Georgian Nationals. Having a valid VISA to a destination country won’t help if Georgian Border Control Officer decides that your departure might be a threat to National Security. They even reserve the right not to inform the traveler about the exact reasons of their detention and interference with their travel plans. This might also turn into a new source of bribery, while some of the passenger will be willing to pay to go on with their travel plans. Such practices are already present in democratically lesser developed former USSR countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Opposition parties (like National Movement) find this change very resembling to Soviet regime.  This might endanger Georgia’s democratic values and put it in a list of countries with totalitarian regime. With accumulated criticism of current government of being too much pro-Russian, this initiative also adds more fuel to later stated accusation. Ruling party (Georgian Dream) explains that there’s nothing new in this change and it is withing the compliance of current constitution. There may be some vague texts in it and we believe this unclear passages might have fueled the reaction from opposition parties.

Let us remind you, that according to  current law, the only reason a person maybe denied the right to cross the country border is when a traveler is a criminal offender, in search by police or does not have valid travel documents.  IN ALL OTHER CASES EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! 

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