Posted by: gaybatumi | September 29, 2013

Inga Grigolia condemned homophobia


Georgian journalists’ protested Russian occupation in Dvani yesterday. After the protest the media representatives spoke to the locals of the village about the situation in Dvani. Locals ask for the government’s intervention. They say their situation is critical as there is not appropriate attention from the government.

Inga Grigolia (Famous Journalist) was very harsh and criticized not only the government, but  also those thousands of “national heroes” who took part in the clash against peaceful LGBT demonstration in 17th of may, when thousands of pro-orthodox citizens gathered in central Tbilisi to rage against few LGBT demonstrators.

She said: ” Where are those strong muscled heroes now, who where chasing a small group of defenseless LGBT people? ”

It seems like Georgians see more threat in a harmless LGBT demonstrations, than loosing its territories inch by inch to Russia. Georgian orthodox church also agrees to that view. In a country with a majority of orthodox believers “Whatever church wants, church gets”.  and at the moment, territorial integrity is the lowest of priorities!

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