Safety Comes First!

Travelling to remote countries may involve incidents and accidents. In case of emergency the LGBT people are very sensitive choosing the right clinic. In developing countries there still is a prejudice even within the professionals. In some cases doctors refuse to treat gay patients adequately.  It is very important to go the place where there is ” a policy of non discrimination in regard to sexual orientation, religion, nationality or color”.

Today we are happy to bring you the 100% gay friendly clinic [Confirmed] in Georgia. The staff of professional English speaking doctors will be happy to provide help with no “stupid” questions asked.  International Medical Support Services (IMSS) Ltd Georgia is a leader in quality health care provision and emergency readiness response.

Highly trained staff and fully equipped emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The full diagnostic service and investigative capabilities of IMSS provide access to a broad range of medical tests and examinations.

Emergency Numbers:

(+995 32) 920-928
(+995 32) 921-670

Local Airlines

Turkish Airlines

You can visit Batumi by Turkish Airlines. Check fares and available dates on the website.




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  8. That is totally true. Not only westerners, but nobody is allowed to cross borders at conflict territories due to safety measures.

    You may get arrested and fined for such attempts. You can use many other legal ways to enter Georgia and it is easier and safer for you to do so. Entering from Turkey is a great option.

    I am not sure about the ferries, I don’t think there is a passport check point at Poti or Batumi, either ways you need to go through Georgian passport check-point. This is the only way to enter Georgia legally. And you can get visa in a matter of minutes at the border.

  9. I’m visiting Sochi soon and I want to visit Batumi/Tbilisi too. I don’t fly. I read that Westerners are not allowed to cross the land border or even use the Russia-Georgia ferries. Someone said the only possible route is a ferry from Sochi to Trabzon (Turkey) then to Batumi by bus/coach. Is this correct? Are there any alternatives?

    I would also like to chat to some Georgian boys before I visit, and hopefully meet up. Just a friendly drink’s cool, but hopefully more if we get on. I’m 45, relaxed, friendly, masculine, fit. My email’s brightonguy69 at hotmail dot com. I also speak French, some German and very basic Russian.

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