Chat with Random Strangers



  1. Tiflis te pasif yokmu TİRCİYİM konum atabilirim sanal dan hoşlanmam

  2. Tiflis te pasif yokmu TİRCİYİM

  3. momweret 34 wlis var.gey

  4. b nbhbjb

  5. hello. I am visiting Tbilisi! How are you? Any good places to visit tonight?

  6. привет с Киева) Hello from Kyiv)
    пообщаюсь с симпатичными парнями и мужчинами в скайпе cheshire_gay камеры нет, есть микрофон) добавляйтесь)))
    would like to chat with sexy and nice guys and men in skype. i dont have cam, but have a microphone. add me cheshire_gay

  7. looking for chubby gay in me to facebook.. putkunebma momweret facebokze

  8. february in tbilisi some good man?

  9. I am gay 55 from Prague,wanna meet some good man in Tbilisi in february

  10. definately NO bisexuals – GAY men only.

  11. what? english please !!!

  12. Hi minda 20 wlamde biji momweret

  13. I am georgian 178.68.32. bi- pass. Will meet with active man in Tbilisi. for sex and relations.pretty,with beautiful ass.

  14. I am georgian 178.68.32 pass. Will meet with active man in Tbilisi. for sex and relations.pretty,with beautiful ass.

  15. Architect coming to Tbilisi mid September want to visit the country.
    Anyone wants to show the city?

    • I am georgian 178.68.32 pass. Will meet with active man in Tbilisi. for sex and relations.pretty,with beautiful ass.

  16. Hi , I will be in Tbilisi till 1st of August. someone want to meet today? Mail me:

  17. Hi i have few question if i can:) on second half of august i will came to Georgia for holidays,do you know any fine place or person in Tbilisi,im looking for gay friendly,transsexual etc enviroments.
    With regards Mike

  18. anyone in Batumi up for fun?

  19. sorry-english only !!!

  20. var tbilisidan 16 wlis minda jimaoba pirvelad kactan

    • gio_gio8282 damamate skype 19 wlis var akti.

    • gamarjoba nika :)) facebookze rom momwero an sheni skype an rame magdagvari mitxra dasakavshireblad kargi ikneba 😉

  21. Hi my name is cass, gay 25 frm philippines.I am on vacation in tbilisi backside parliament…am open to meet cute guys here in me 592 04 76 90

  22. hi gavicnob mamakacur aqtiv mamakacs 29 clis zemot sado da mocesrigebuls var 25 clis pasivi mamakacuri aranairi qaluri supta 180 77 kilo shemexmianet

  23. Hi cass gay from Philippines…I will be in Tbilisi this coming May 22, 2015…Any cute guys outhere willing to tour me out..just send me message at or add me in bbm 73dfd31a my instagram is iamcassmaurer mwahhh

  24. var batumeli pasivi 24 wlis maqvs survili bichtan sexis msurvelebma shemexmianet

  25. gamarjoba, var 18 wlis akti bichi arasdros gamijimavs da mughami maqvs raghac ro gavjimo.. shemexmianet chemi asakis bichebi an umcrosebi skype: gio_gio8282

  26. var 18 wlis magari simpatiuri akti : )) pasebi shemexmianet chemi asakis an umcrosebic.. skype : gio_gio8282

  27. Hi,

    I will e in Georgia in the beginning of July this year 🙂 I cant wait to explore the country and meet new people. Whats the best gay club in Tbilisi?

  28. hey there!
    Im looking for some boys to hang out with 🙂 I will be in Georgia, Tbilisi region for many months. Is there anybody who would like to meet and have some fun ?:)
    Please write at
    See ya !

  29. test

  30. hi my name is ramos lam from egypt lwill come tblisi next month would like to know gays,crossdressers,ladyboy,shemales l love gay life soooooo much realy love to know all gays there in tblisi lwill stay there for so long time and maybe forever if anyone want to contact me thats my yahoo mail thnx all 😀

  31. how much would a 2 cost me and my lover ( englısh/moroccan) to buy to lıve ın permanently?

  32. is my moroccan partner (im english) allowed to go to georgia without a visa?

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