Gay Tbilisi

Tbilisi Gay Bars and Discos

Success (Friendly)

European Cuisine, Cocktails, Nice music and gay crowd.

On special events this place gets very crowded, while on most other nights you can enjoy your quiet cup of hot chocolate.

Addr: 3 Vashlovani St. Tbilisi (Vere)
Tel: +995 32 299 82 30

Facebook Page

Map: Google

Cafe Gallery (Friendly)

Free to enter and party all night – Georgian gays, lesbian and lgbt friendly crowd gathers here to drink and dance.

Peaceful and quiet cafe during the day, which turns into frenzy and noisy disco bar after midnight (Just like a magic)

Addr: 34 Griboedov Str. (near Rustaveli str.) Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 299 57 47; +995 32 292 00 53

Facebook Page

Map: Google



Colored Bath (Closed for maintenance works)

At the moment there are some renovation works going on, so this historic gay sauna is closed. There are other private saunas available near by with private cabins and pools, where you can also use original Georgian massage.

Addr: 2 Abano str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Map: Google

Rainbow Bath


This bath offers two sections, cheap – for 4 GEL and standard for 10 GEL.

Go for cheap section if you want to participate in gay action. Standard section is just a bath.

Addr: Grishashvili Str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: +995 32 2721181

Map: Google

Kiev Bath

Very old and famous gay bath in Tbilisi on Kiev str, hens the name of the bath.

There is almost always some gay action, but general clientele is usually over 40.

The place is really run down and needs serious renovation.

On the other hand, it is a still functioning rare and historic soviet style bath.

P.S You really need to take good bath after visiting this place.

Addr: 4 Kiev Str. Tbilisi, Georgia

Map: Google



– Underpass in front of the circus (dangerous)
– Rustaveli Ave. daytime cruising.
– Central station (Metro Sadguris Moedani)
– Tchelouskin bridge (In the centre of the city, between central station and the
– Blumentrasse (Boulevard between central station and the circus)
– Underpass in front of the circus (Dangerous)
– Pushkin park (Metro Tavisouphlebis Moedani)
– Exit Metro Rustaveli
– Baratachvili bridge (first level, Mutual masturbations, Piss and Scat)
– Between Liberty Square, “Tavisouphlebis Moedani” and Avlabari street
– Metro Issani (near the military barracks, ideal for those who like soldiers)



  1. 20 wlis var mugami ki maq kai minets ki gavaketebdi 3 ni vapshe gaasworebda 😀 , ogond lamaz ylianebs vedzeb da ugipoebs axalgazrdebs da normalurebs , gogoebshi sakaipod var da imedia aqac iqneba rame 😀

  2. I saw the info about Metro Isani as a crewing area, where is it exactly? I could not find soldiers baracks…

  3. Saunas/Baths, Colored Bath is opened and i got a great abano and massage, people there are friendly and the man who made the abano for me was great and amazing. i like him

    • Hey, im also visiting TBilisi. The Coloured bath is only one to find a gay stuff inside? How much does it cost? How much is a massage service by man? All massage men there let you suck them?

      • no dear, not to find a gays inside, but all bath men like to see you naked and when you show them that you are gay they don’t mined to fuck or let you suck them. they will ask for extra money but don’t give them more than 20 lari. the bath cost 40 lari only. I didn’t try the only massage yet.

    • Are the massage guys muscular? How do they look like?

      • no, they are not muscular, but they are good looking for me and they have nice cocks

    • I am in tbilisi and want to go bath to have experience gay relationship. Please advice

  4. Yesterday i went for a bath in abano street, i found a good service and the man who is doing the bath and the massage for me he was sooo handsome. he allow me to suck his cock and cum in my mouth, it was fantastic experience, second time he fucked me, but after that he asked for money !!!
    i was surprised should i give him money while i sucked him and get fucked ?
    he asked for 100 lari, he was crazy, but i gave him 20 lari only. people here doing anything for money.

    • contact me I can do it for free

      • Hi, are you male or female ?

    • Which is the best gay bath if i am bottom ?

  5. Hi
    Tell me something about Georgia
    How is that for tourists

  6. Hello
    I have a plan to visit tbisili Georgia soon, looking for gay friend for entertainment at gay lesbian clubs age limit 18 to 20 with benefits
    Please contact email .

  7. travelling in august looking for a good decent friend who can visit me back in Johannesburg email me

  8. O

  9. Планирую в марте 2017 посетить Тбилиси. Буду рад новм знакомствам. Я симпатичный блондин. Пишите. или +79045537545 whatsapp и viber

  10. I will visit georgia on february 4, 2017 for a week and Im looking for a gay friend to hang out there and guide me to some places there. email me see you there whoever you are. spasibo!

    • You are going to Georgia and they have their own language. Thank you is გმადლობთ gmadlobt. Yes, many do speak Russian.

  11. American visiting Tbilisi, contact me. Any good places to go out tonight?

    • I only speak English 🙂

  12. Wanna visit there from 4th of July for 4days from Dubai. Anywhere interesting to visit and anyone nice to hangout with? Exchange whatsapp number? Thnx

  13. hi, I am planning to visit Georgia in July 2016, probably for a week, dates not decided yet. any suggestion to visit places, gay baths and gay hotels.

  14. Hello, i am planning on coming to Georgia from New York city in July. dates not set yet. Looking for ideas of things to do in and out of Tbilisi. Would like to go over to the Black Sea. Suggestions where to go?

  15. Looking for foreing chubby gay in Tbilisi . contact to me on facebook .

    • hlo im chubby

    • Hey, I’ll be there in August for a few days. I’m a chubby cub bottom. I’m in the mood for a hookup.

  16. hey looking for chubby gay in tbilisi … PUTKUnebma momweret facebokze

    • Hey Indian guy here in Tbilisi as a tourist till Saturday….wanna meet up

      • hey contact me to facebook

      • hey rahulchander do u have skype ???

    • anyone still looking for chubby tourists?

    • I am a Chubby coming to Tbilisi if anyone is interested in hanging out.

  17. Looking to speak with Gay Ballroom and Latin Dancers from Georgia,

  18. Hello guys in Georgia, I am planing to visit Georgia in the near future, my home is Australia, I speak English, Italian, Spanish and some German.
    Please drop me a line to
    In the email make sure you write in subject: your name and from Georgia
    It will be great to hear from you!
    Thank you!!!

    • hello .are you vhubby ? contact to me on facebook 😉

  19. Hi Guys My Name is Ramin Im 18 years old and i wanna to come georgia next week and i have 1 problem((( i have Not place to stay (( who can guest me ((( i have phone nomber +994555894458 please write me i have Whatsapp )) im from Baku Azerbaijan

  20. Visiting Tbilisi on the 6th to 11th August 2015. Asian 170cm height, 65kg, fit, Vers. Looking for friends to hang out with or more.
    My bbm: 75F00E39.

  21. I, 64, teacher, like to visit Georgie in september. Tips for accomodation and travel welcome. I am from Holland
    Thanks a lot, Han

  22. hi gavicnob mamakacur aqtiv mamakacs 29 clis zemot sado da mocesrigebuls var 25 clis pasivi mamakacuri aranairi qaluri supta 180 77 kilo shemexmianet

  23. me var 45 wlis me minda 18-22 wlis lamazi bicebi

  24. var 18 wlis magari simpatiuri akti : )) pasebi shemexmianet chemi asakis an umcrosebic.. skype : gio_gio8282

  25. Privet ya priyedu v marte posovetuyte v kakuyu gey saunu poyti pishite na mail

  26. emzo_kobra

  27. Salve seems to be changed into a wine bar.

  28. I’m right now at Tbilisi but couldn’t find any bar here.
    “Gallery exist, not sure about the other ones 😦

    • Hey Holger!
      I’m new in Tbilisi – been to Gallery Cafe (love it).
      Keep in touch?

  29. hey there!
    Im looking for some guys to hang out with 🙂 I will be in Georgia, Tbilisi region for many months. Is there anybody who would like to meet spend some goo time ?
    Please write at
    See ya !

  30. Hi, I am 37 years old. I would love to fall in love with boys under 20 years of pretty.

  31. Hi there, just planning to visit Georgia, from Nepal and at the moment in Manila, Philippines. It would be great if somebody will accompany me there while i am there for a year or so. Lets just get to know each other and i will be there in no time. Looking forward to hearing from some studs. The cool guy is on its way there dude. is my email address… Get to know me more and lets celebrate 😉

  32. Reblogged this on llovetribal and commented:
    hi my name is ramos lam from egypt lwill come tblisi next month would like to know gays,crossdressers,ladyboy,shemales l love gay life soooooo much realy love to know all gays there in tblisi lwill stay there for so long time and maybe forever if anyone want to contact me thats my yahoo mail thnx all 😀

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