Existing law may be altered limiting the rights for the freedom of movement for Georgian Nationals. Having a valid VISA to a destination country won’t help if Georgian Border Control Officer decides that your departure might be a threat to National Security. They even reserve the right not to inform the traveler about the exact reasons of their detention and interference with their travel plans. This might also turn into a new source of bribery, while some of the passenger will be willing to pay to go on with their travel plans. Such practices are already present in democratically lesser developed former USSR countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Opposition parties (like National Movement) find this change very resembling to Soviet regime.  This might endanger Georgia’s democratic values and put it in a list of countries with totalitarian regime. With accumulated criticism of current government of being too much pro-Russian, this initiative also adds more fuel to later stated accusation. Ruling party (Georgian Dream) explains that there’s nothing new in this change and it is withing the compliance of current constitution. There may be some vague texts in it and we believe this unclear passages might have fueled the reaction from opposition parties.

Let us remind you, that according to  current law, the only reason a person maybe denied the right to cross the country border is when a traveler is a criminal offender, in search by police or does not have valid travel documents.  IN ALL OTHER CASES EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! 

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Turism in Georgia (RUS)

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Batumi on Polish Television

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Fanciest McDonald’s in the world – Batumi, Georgia.

Mc Donalds Batumi

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Ukrainian TV show “Орел и Решка” visit Batumi

“Орел и Решка” – is a TV show from Ukraine about a boy and a girl who travel the world and visit most amazing places. But there one rule, before they land they have to flip the coin and choose – who’s gonna live like a king and who’s going to be on a $100 budget.

Batumi by the eyes of Ukrainian television.

Russian LGBT Teens Publicly Bullied and Tortured by Neo Nazis on Video. Local Law Enforcement Condones Homophobia


President Putin’s crusade against LGBT community in Russia took a new turn.

Infamous Russian ultranationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname “Cleaver” (or “Tesak” in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against LGBT teens using a popular social network VK.com to lure unsuspected victims through personal ads. Mr. Martsinkevich’s numerous and enthusiastic followers started two projects: “Occupy Pedophilyaj” and “Occupy Gerontilyaj”.  Allegedly they are trying to identify and report pedophiles using these “movements”. In reality, over 500 online groups have been created inside VK.com social network in order to organize illegal militant groups in every Russian city. Oddly enough their idea of fighting pedophiles targets exclusively male teenagers who respond to the same-sex personal ads and show up for a date. Captured victims are bullied and often tortured while being recorded on video.  These self-proclaimed “crime fighters” perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them. Video recordings of bullying and tortures are freely distributed on the Internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest are deeply traumatized. So far Russian police took no action against these “movements” even though Russian criminal code was clearly violated and despite numerous complaints from parents, victims and LGBT activists.  Social network VK.com intermittently shuts down selected groups and profiles only to allow them to be re-open on the next day. Currently, the founder of VK.com, Pavel Durov, resides in the US and so far has not released any comments. 
This graphic and violent video shows an underage victim in Moscow, Russia. He was bullied, tortured and sprayed with urine in the broad day light …

Video 18 +

Spectrum” has posted the below video of a gay Moscow teen being “bullied, tortured, and sprayed with urine in broad daylight.” You may not want to watch this.


Britain on Wednesday legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval, clearing the way for the first same-sex weddings next summer.

Lawmakers cheered as House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said royal assent had been given – one day after the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales cleared Parliament.

Queen Elizabth II
The queen’s approval was a formality and is the last step necessary for a bill to become law.

The law enables gay couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies in England and Wales, provided that the religious institution consents. The Church of England, the country’s official faith, is barred from performing such ceremonies.

It also will allow couples who had previously entered into civil partnerships – which were introduced in 2005 and carry similar rights and responsibilities to marriage – to convert their relationships to marriage.

The British government introduced the bill in January.

Prime Minister David Cameron had backed it, but it divided his Conservative Party and touched off strident debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Numerous attempts to derail the legislation failed as it wound its way through Parliament, with traditionalists arguing it would undermine the sanctity of marriage.

On Tuesday, Conservative lawmaker Gerald Howarth accused the government of having “bulldozed” the legislation through Parliament, “offending large swatches” of his party.

But in the same debate, shadow women and equalities minister Yvette Cooper said it was the “time to celebrate and not discriminate.”

© 2013, Associated Press

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Outing Homophobes: Nino Burjanadze


Nino Burjanadze – Homosexuality is not acceptable for anyone


Disguised as a democratic politician,  a president candidate for up-coming Georgian elections, Nino Burjanadze has made some very old fashioned statements about gays in Adjara region.  Not only they (LGBT people of Adjaria) should not be proud of being who they are and shouldn’t  have their own gay community website, it also  should be considered a criminal offense to promote Batumi as destination for gay tourists.

” It should be a criminal offense to advertise  Batumi as a best  place  for gay tourists”  – For one thing she’s perfectly correct. Batumi can’t be advertised as a premiere gay destination for one simple reason. There’s nothing too gay going on at the moment in Batumi. There are no steamy gay bars or clubs. Tourists looking exclusively for gay destination would probably die of  boredom in this beautiful region that has a lot more to offer, but Nino, we are here to change it. With  the “gaybatumi” project we’ve highlighted the presence of LGBT culture in the region, and strive to contribute to it’s development in the future. It is a real shame though, a woman with western values and education would make such shameful statement. Frequent visits to Russia must have had stronger influence.

“Everyone’s rights must be protected, but no one should dictate us to embrace something that is unacceptable, not only for Georgia but also – for everyone,” – said the presidential candidate regarding sexual minorities on a press conference today (10 July 2013). She also criticized the former Government (Saakashvili) for promoting gay tourism in the region. Ironically the conference was held in the same office that claims to be a “Democratic Movement” of Georgia – Well, they should really read more about  “democracy” . Well here is a link for them.

“I saw several websites that would not be approved neither by “Georgian Dream”, nor “Democratic Movement” parties in Georgia.  I mean the websites, where promotion was made by the previous government about Adjara and Batumi, as the best gay destination. This is a crime against their own country and their own people. We will not tolerate it under any circumstances. We do not break  anyone’s head, or break anyone’s rights. Everyone has a right to do whatever he wants in the privacy of his home, but our children should not be taught the alien values that are not acceptable for us” –  She’s finally made a clear and perfect statement of where she’s headed. North ?  Were “Мы верим в демократию”. But sometimes faith is not enough.


US rating 18+ , Georgian Rating 16+

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