1. Are somebody’s in kobuleti or batumi will meet

  2. hello .Looking for chubby tourist gay in tbilisi. contact to me on facebook thanx

  3. Hi, I am 37 years old. I would love to fall in love with boys under 20 years of pretty.
    lamazi passive momweros

  4. hey I am going to visit Georgia (Tbilisi, Batumi) this December-January
    Asian, 27, versatile, 177/70
    skype: sgreymoroz – just type that you’re from Georgia

  5. i’m looking for asian boys, koreans, chinese, japanese, thai and so on.. If any write to me: or add me in skype: mr.georgia2012

  6. I’m gay../passive and also active! from Batumi/ I’m searching nice Georgian boy I mean face.. if somebody wants me Add me on skype: gur-guru

    • hi
      i just mome to batumi i want to meet whit nice feminene gay is it possible

  7. hi , I am gay / bootom / passive ,from skopje / macedonia ,44y,1.73cm,82kgr.,with clean slim body,single,serious,sincerity,I WANT BIG COCK for my very tight asshole – WHO HAVE BIG COCK,my skype is: dannemak ,yahoo is: dannemakdanne ,I wait you – kissssssss

  8. I am 20.If anybody wants sex,write me: only under 25

  9. i am an american who wants to meet georgian men. will be here till end of october. please contace. john

    • hi i need a bear man and i live in tbilisi help me please

  10. hi,i m from china,live in tibilis,will find a boy friend,my skype is:liunian1977123,my

  11. i want to meet with negro boys please contac to my mail

  12. i like asians CHINESE,THAI,JAPANESE,KOREAN. Contact me if you’re in tbilisi

    • hiiii im of 18…in tblisi

    • can u discribe yourself, i am going there soon.

  13. i’m 20 yrs Old I live in tbilisi ASIAN Guys contact me!

    • hey i m asain guy here in tblisi of 18

      • hi
        i just mome to tblisi i want to meet whit nice feminene gay is it possible

  14. i love you gay man

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